X1 in the garage ready to go
Tent and chairs
Tank bag, boy are these exiting!
X1 and Erik's sv650 in ohio
Erik takes the preceding picture
Camping at Deal's Gap Resort
Dave & John's S3s,Bob's BWM, and a Cyclone
Sam's Bolt & Franks M2 Low
Buells at the Gap
Tree of Shame 1
Ed (Hillbilly's) M2
RSS1200 and owner
The other side of Ed's M2
Back of the RSS1200
A heavily modified x1 at Fontana Camp grounds
John and Frank amongst the bikes at Fontana
Rear view of the modified X1
Side view of the X1, note the breathers, you can see me in the timing cover
Another shot of the X1, I believe thath's Keith and Heather in the pic
front shot of the X1, with Dave,Frank,the owner, and Keith
Scenery at Fontana Camp grounds
Looking up at Fontana Dam
The tail of the helicopter evacing a downed rider
Waiting for the helicopter to clear
Emergency crews managing traffic
Looking down from Fontana Dam
another shot from the Dam
The X1 and a wing, Dam parking lot
A 2 up blast!
Blast and the X1
Another of the blast and X1
Dave's S3 and the X1
Sam's bolt sideways
Dave took a wrong turn near Fairbanks
Missed the bolt
learning to use the Camera
Matt, Sam,Frank & Bob
Scenery shot
Damn it! Dropped the key again
Scenery Shot Cherohola
Another Scenery Shot
And another
Sam seeing if he can drag his kidney
Jose seems to be copping
Jose after a tough day fixing the S3
Jose demonstrating proper Battletrax form
Jose's offering to the tree of shame
Arrogant bastard ale up close
'nother bastard shot
I must have been drinking
Drying off in a sea of Buells
Buell's arriving for Dinner at Fontana
Frank loses the rain gear
Touring models
Patriotic Paint
Jose's monologue at Fontana
Dinner shot
Bob holds down the bar
Dinner Shot
Bob attempts to out monologue Jose
Sam, Roger, and others
Dinner Shot
Dinner Shot
Dinner Shot
Dinner Shot
Preparing to do battle with rain and twisties
Some S3s and S2s
Dragonized X1
Flaming S3
Grey Strip X1?
Noticable, eh?
Roger's Mods
The Bike faired pretty well , considering the impact
Bob, Sam and Frank discuss the crash
Rogers ride for a day
Roger's bike.jpg
Looks like its time for the forcewinder
carnage closeup
more carnage
this side got it worse
Heading home
Heading home
John and Frank with Ed's M2
X1 packed up and ready to go
Ed,Bob,Sam,John, and Frank
Looking good boys
Lots of people live here
A shot of DGMR
202.6 miles between stops a new record for the X1
350 miles in the rain will do this
A very dirty X1
More dirt
More Dirt
Fixing the GPz, this is a bike-night shot
Getting gas at in Ohio
Things to do on the NYS thruway
Somewhere else on the thruway
Bike's taking a break in ohio