Installing the White bros E-series on a 2001 X1

First try

First attempt on front mount
Note how close to the right side of
the "Y" the Spipe mount is

Front mount bolt misses!
The drain plug is very
close to the can

Drain Plug is
very close

Second try

When the Spipe is seated
fully on the header
the front bolt lines up

Front Mount
Okay the front is good
but the clearance in back is smaller!

Drain Plug is
closer to slipon
Another pic of the

Fitted Slipon
The E-series looks way
than stock!


Final Fit?

This is the front mount fitted
Note the creative use of washers
to fill the gap

Front Mount
The small blemish is where the
Primary Drain Plug is hitting the can

Drain Plug is
making contact

3/16/2002 Took it out for a test run, the system is pretty quiet at idle, but seems louder at rpm.The Bike runs great! Iwas worried about the contact with the primary drain and the slipon so I dissasembled the system. You can see the mark on the slipon above.

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